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Silent Fireworks – a step forward or a step too far?

​Following several reports of animals dying or being put to sleep this year due to panic caused by the bangs of fireworks should we campaign for all fireworks to be silent? 

Is the sight of the display enough for the majority or are the bangs a key part of the enjoyment? 

Many owners of pets and larger animals are campaigning for silent fireworks but where do you stand? 

If you feel strongly then contact the organisers of firework displays and ask them to consider using silent, or muted, fireworks.  Clearly it would be impossible to convince every firework user to make the change but it might be possible to persuade some of the organisers of the big displays to try. 

Can we be sure that farm animals wouldn’t be as bothered by the  display as much as the noise? 

Another question that we should consider, are the visual displays any better or worse than the associated noise?

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