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Westville Therapy Applicators

The Westville applicators are compatible with both the Biomag 2 and the FFU and have a range of different purposes.

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The Westville pulsed magnetic field therapy applicators are compatible with both the Biomag 2 and the FFU and are designed to give therapists and owners a range of options to be able to apply pulsed magnetic field therapy with ease. The phototherapy applicators are also compatible with the Biomag 2 and FFU base units when they are set to 1400Hz This frequency has been found to be the most effective for both the stimulation of epithelial sub-dermal cellular proliferation and the reduction of scar tissue.

Pulsed Magnetic Field therapy Applicators:

Dual Concentric: Twin coils, offering deeply pulsed magnetic fields directly into the patient.

Triple Concentric Applicator: Initially designed for treatment of equine sacro-iliac problems as it generates a significant depth of field using its unique triple coil alignment. However, it is also valuable in canine therapy since it can be placed under the dog or under the dog bed.

Equine Leg Applicator: This applicator features two coils and wraps around the leg (300 x 320 when open).

Small Canine Leg Applicator: Used for treating knee and joint problems in dogs. This is a smaller version of the Equine Leg Applicator (210 x 210 when open).

Large Canine Leg Applicator: operates on a similar line to the Equine Leg Applicator. It is a shorter version of the Equine Leg Applicator as a wrap-around or saddle applicator over the back of smaller animals (170 x 310 when open).

Canine Jacket with Spinal and Hip Applicator: Canine jacket with removable PMFT coils within it. These jackets allow for easy application.

Dog Mat: The dog mats are made up of a comfortable foam pad with removable dual coils within it. The large mat has 4 removable dual coils within it and the small mat has 2. The mat can be used underneath a patient's bed or the coils can be removed and used independently from the foam pad.

Phototherapy Applicators: 

The Red iMita* has 30 high intensity visible red emitters for healing of wounds and scar reduction, but has also proved useful for deeper tendon injuries. The unit has also a single pulsed coil with individual switch control. This allows the option of additional PMF treatment to be offered simultaneously.
30 off red (631nm) emitters.
Nominal Output: 70mW (pulsed)

The Blue iMita*
 has 30 high intensity blue emitters. It is designed specifically for application to infected wounds due to its antibacterial effect. As with the above applicator, a single field coil is included and can be used simultaneously to the Phototherapy if required.
30 off blue (469nm) emitters.
Nominal Output: 80mW (pulsed)

Caution: Do Not Stare Into The Beam!

*Intelligent Multi Therapy Applicator


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