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Canine Rehab Equipment Balance Pad

With the added bonus of being the only Balance Pad at 8cm thick on the market, our 40cmx30cmx8cm balance pad is made of TPE and offers the perfect introduction to rehabilitative exercises and in our opinion is a must in any therapists tool kit!

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Our 40cmx30cmx8cm balance pad is made of TPE and offers the perfect introduction to rehabilitative exercises and in our opinion is a must in any therapists tool kit! The balance pad provides a slightly unstable surface to allow for weight shifting and core strengthening for beginners and patients that have recently undergone surgery. The increased thickness of our balance pad also increases the amount of weight shifting achieved compared to other balance pads, making it a great tool for all shapes and sizes.

Benefits of the Balance Pad

  • Allows for gentle introduction to rehabilitation exercises- essential for early stage rehabilitation and post operative patients
  • Mild instability of the pad promotes recruitment of core and stabilising muscles
  • Encourages weight shifting onto alternate limbs
  • Can be used in conjunction with wobble cushions (hyperlink) to offer progressive exercises
  • Provides proprioceptive input for neurological patients
  • Easily to stack to increase weight shifting and joint range of motion

It is recommend that these are used under professional guidance to prevent injury to your animal.

5 reviews for Canine Rehab Equipment Balance Pad

  1. Danielle McMahon PgD Vet Phys

    The best balance pads I’ve bought. They have the best thickness to them and have lasted a lot longer than my others.

    I use it daily in my physiotherapy practice and it would be something I wouldn’t do without

  2. Nycky Edleston mCSP ACPAT RAMP

    Good shape thickness and sturdiness. I have used with big dogs front legs or back legs on for physio exercises and smaller dogs for neat sit and lie exercises.

  3. Lisa Graham Vet Tech, FdSc, Dip.A.Physio, Canine Massage, IAAT, RAMP, CHA. Owner Canine Physio

    An amazing balance pad, the additional thickness helps to create a natural rhythmic movement in my neurological patients which is essential for recruiting mobility patterns. I also find a lot of my smaller orthopaedic patients really like lying on whilst I work on them and to be totally honest if a client is not using it I find it sitting on it encourages really good posture in myself!!

    Excellent quality and loads of functional purpose in this piece of equipment. 5*

  4. Cheryl Corral BVMS PGCert SARehab MRCVS MIRVAP WVAG

    We have introduced the balance pad as part of our routine land based physiotherapy work at our rehab clinic and have found it to be an excellent addition. The height is perfect to allow standing exercises to be advanced by elevating the fore or hindlimb, and the surface is comfortable and non-slip for the patient. Really impressed!

  5. Leanne Dobrowolski MScVetPhys AdvCertVPhys CertClinEd (Mdx) BSc (hons) FdSc RVN L3CertHydroSA MIRVAP CC

    This is the first balance pad I have used but I have found it to be very useful especially when I have wanted to introduce some of my patients to balance work or weight shifting initially. I currently have a dog with degenerative myelopathy and it is the perfect height to start him at and introduce him to stepping up and building strength in his hind legs. I think the height is good allowing it to be suitable for a range of breed. The quality is good and it is durable.

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