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Biomag 2

The Biomag 2 from Westville is the original and best unit for either pulsed magnetic therapy or for phototherapy treatments.

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The Biomag 2*is an aid to helping the natural repair of injuries. It does not in itself cure, but helps establish the optimum conditions for healing to take place.
It can be used in the following four broad categories of treatment, namely-
Pain relief
Pain relief followed by treatment of a particular injury
Treatment of new or existing injuries
Sports therapy – as a tone up aid for muscles

The Biomag 2 is used as the base for either pulsed magnetic therapy or for phototherapy treatments.
As the Biomag 2 has two output sockets, it will power both a pulsed magnetic therapy applicator and a phototherapy applicator simultaneously.
It has internal batteries that allow the unit to be used in areas where there is no mains supply, and these are automatically recharged when the unit is plugged into a mains supply. A battery charger is supplied as standard.

* Please note: Biomag is a name given to many devices now on the market. Westville chose the name 23 years ago for its early pulsed magnetic device. Because of the confusion with static magnetic bracelets, collars, blankets and many others now using the name, we suffix ours with 2 and always emphasise ‘pulse magnetism’. Many reports of efficacy for magnet therapy devices are anecdotal and not backed by research. Biomag 2 was designed by a PhD medical scientist using information from his own and other accredited research institutions from around the world.


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