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Canine Rehab equipment 

Equipment for enjoyable and stimulating canine rehabilitation & conditioning

canine rehab equipment
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A Little Bit About Us

Dedicated to our pets


Canine Rehab was set up in 2018 with the aim to provide affordable, safe equipment for both rehabilitation and conditioning. 

All dogs will benefit from a level of conditioning and strength training, whether they are young or old, family pets or athletes.

Evidence shows targeted exercise programmes can improve overall strength, body awareness, posture and therefore leading to injury prevention as well as being mentally challenging and most importantly- fun!

We aim to support both therapists and owners by providing the equipment to enable to best care for our canine family without paying huge prices for it.

We believe strong, healthy dogs are happy dogs!

Latest News

Over To You!

Over To You!

Over To You!We would like to include information and news that you would like to see.   We will include the latest news and scientific information when we hear about it but we would appreciate your input.  If you want to publicise some new information, or have...

read more Ltd Launches! Ltd Launches! Ltd Launches!We are pleased and proud to announce the launch of the new Ltd. ™ website.  It has been a long process from deciding where we can buy stock to meet our exacting standards, to receiving it into stock...

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Silent Fireworks – a step forward or a step too far?

Silent Fireworks – a step forward or a step too far?

Silent Fireworks - a step forward or a step too far?​Following several reports of animals dying or being put to sleep this year due to panic caused by the bangs of fireworks should we campaign for all fireworks to be silent?  Is the sight of the display enough for the...

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